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This program provides a General Class for learning Bahasa Indonesia.


Course objective

The program is aimed at:

1. Introducing Indonesian Language and Cultures to international communities

2. Nurturing the positive image of Indonesia in the eye of international communities

3. Expanding network with foreign education institutions.


After joining the course, the students are expected to be able to:

1. Communicate naturally in spoken and written Indonesian both formal and informal situations

2. Appreciate diverse Indonesian cultures particularly NTT culture.



General class:
The type of the syllabi is topic syllabi where student will improve their listening, speaking, writing and reading skills by discussing several specific topics such as daily activities, education, culture, sports, health, travelling and others. However, they will first be introduced to basic knowledge of Indonesian language system such as grammar, pronunciation, letters, words, sentence, paragraph, and simple discourse.
Since we believe in communicative language teaching, class activities are based on communicative approach where the students learn to communicate in, rather than to analyze, the language. By using authentic materials and visiting local places, students have the opportunities to use the language in a real situation.



BIPA students are assessed based on their performance that covers:

a. Exercise & Homework : 30%

b. Weekly test 1 : 15%

c. Weekly test 2 : 15 %

d. Final Test : 40% (20% Oral test, 20% Written test)

The exercise and homework were given everyday in a form of oral and written tasks. Weekly tests were conducted on Friday at the first and second week. The final test was done on Friday at last week.T he result of BIPA students: