Undana Academic Programmes

University of Nusa Cendana embraces the philosophy of teaching and learning that empowers students to be independent and creative intellectuals with strong sense of values. We believe in students-centered learning where students actively participate in their academic pursuits, therefore we strive to provide the best learning environment so students can grow intellectually through their learning experiences.

The courses available in Undana are unlike similar courses offered by other universities because we take into account the geography of East Nusa Tenggara province and its unique characteristics. For instance, our Agriculture programs' strengths lie in their focus on arid and semi-arid agriculture. Similarly, animal science becomes one of the leading faculty in Undana, because farming has been the main livelihood of most East Nusa Tenggara people.

Through learning and researches, we aim to develop East Nusa Tenggara. We work hand in hand with local farmers so our students get hands-on experience in shifting farming methods from traditional to modern. Regardless of their choice of study, be it Veterinary Science or Law, we encourage students to be sensitive about the problems or potential problems in their respective fields and be the solutions. Undana has 10 faculties and several postgraduate programs being taught by 900 faculty members. Many lecturers teach and collaborate across disciplines creating interdisciplinary opportunities for our students who need to approach real-world problems from various fields.


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